Case Studies – Patio Concrete

The old soil beds and paving had been removed by the client ready for the new patio.

First a geotextile membrane was laid, this stabilises the foundation preventing any ground movement and makes for a stronger base.  Our client had chosen the flags and the design prior to being laid. The colour matched the local stone and the design added the interest.  A small wall needed to be built to compensate for the ground falling away with the lawn.

Now the road stone could be laid onto the membrane,  this was laid with a little bit of fall to allow the new patio to shed any surface water. Once consolidated, the flags were ready to be laid.

This is the bit where you slowly see the new patio being brought to life.  Once all the flags are down, the mortar base needs to set and then the pointing can begin.

We always use ‘Easipoint’ to point and seal the joints. The process involves injecting the mortar deep into the joint to ensure it is full and solid.  With a choice of ten colours to choose from there is always a match to suit.

Now all the client has to do is set out the table and chairs, fire up the bbq and enjoy the summer sun.