Case Study Garden Pod

A soil bed with a rather large, old tree stump was all that you could see in this cornerof the garden. Our client had bought the Pod at a garden festival withan idea in mind as towhere it was going to go.

We brought inthe micro digger, through the narrow access doorway and into the soil bed. The tree root took quitea bit of getting out, moving and burying it in a lost corner of the garden. All the soil was then used to reshape where it had been buried. No spoil wasremoved from site, therefore keeping the cost down and less impact on the environment.

Once the soil levels were reduced a geo-textile membrane was laid,this stabilises the foundation and prevents any movement below the paving.The road stone was then brought in, levelled and compactedso the garden pod could be erected (the manufactures did that bit!). Now the paving can be laid, our client had some paving done on the other side of the garden with Indian sandstone, so we sourced the same stone and got going. A 200x100mm paver was laidas the border to form an edge detail and mowing strip. Then the flags were laid on a mortar bed and had 'Easipoint' injected into all the joints.

A great project to see - going from a lost, plain soil border into a fantastic playing area for the kids to enjoy!