Old Vicarage Patio and Raised bed

On visiting this project, the best corner in the garden was taken up with the green house. This was then re-positioned to its present location ready for the new pergola and raised bed.  The old red brick wall dictated the building materials straight away, reclaimed red brick was then sourced and delivered. The levels were all set to allow for the raised bed and the new seating area. The client had some concrete flags left over from a previous patio we had removed, these were utilised to minimise materials used to keep in with the aged feeling. The angle detail on the steps has made them a vastly more interesting. The pillars and raised bed allow for the planting of the creepers over the new pergola.  This has now made a fantastic corner for sitting out or 'pottering' around the green house.  The paths around the vegetable planters were created to link everything together, red bricks from the wall, concrete flags around the green house and the steps. This area of the garden, 18 months on, now complements the existing mature garden.