A Small Job Makes a Big Impression

Fantastic looking jobs don't have to be big and luxurious, simple but unique changes to your garden can make massive changes to the atmosphere and feel of your garden area. In this back garden the old, dull and dreary concrete flags drained the light and were in need of a change.

With opening up the patio only a little they have dramatically lengthened there sitting space and created a naturally flowing patio into the turf. With the old, grey flags removed a bright and colourful Marshalls™ natural Sandstone paving was laid to create a multi-stone effect and letting the natural colours brighten up the garden. 

Unseen changes to the planting area such as new bark mulsh laid on a particle migration membrane are a very effective tool to have. The particle migration membrane creates a layer underneath the surface which allows water to pass through but prevents weeds from growing up through your chosen surface i.e. bark mulsh, patio, block paving etc. Not only is it cleaner but the membrane reduces the hours you have to spend tending to your garden when you should be enjoying it!

This is a prime example of how we can make any job, big or small, look stunning. Have you got a garden to be proud of?

Although not seen in these images we also provide a rotary washing service which we provided on the block paving round the front of the house. The rotary washer rips up weeds and moss to reveal the joints and clean blocks, once dry we brush silica sand into the joints to renew there strength whist also bringing the surface back to the colour you remember! If your interested in the power of the washer have a look at: http://www.chaplow.co.uk/rotary-wash