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A patio comes in many shapes, colours, sizes and materials.  A patio has to perform many functions, therefore you want to make sure it is right.  First things first, the foundation needs to be built properly, your beautiful new patio will soon start to deteriate after the first winter if the foundation hasn’t been adequate.  Due to the ground heaving up (it swells) in severe cold conditions this could soon break up your investment.

We always use quality materials from the foundation, right throughout the project, ensuring there is no weak link.  Our work is carried out to give you the pleasure every time you step onto it.

Ranging from a simple pressed concrete flag through to natural slate, the material you choose is all important as the colour and the design, your imagination and budget are the two factors which will dictate the finished product.

A site visit by either Anthony or Stephen can  help you make some of the decisions, you may have a well drawn up plan by a designer or a quick scribble when a ‘Eureka’ moment occured.  You can contact either of us on the numbers on the contact page, we look forward to hearing from you.

Ayton Stonebond ® Surface Dressing
In addition to traditional path and driveway surfaces we also offer Stonebond®.  Specially selected aggregates are bonded to the surface with a synthetic two-component resin binder system to give a hardwearing and durable finish.  A comprehensive range of natural aggregates can be used to achieve the desired finish or enhanced slip resistance.

Easipoint Specialist Mortars

We recommend the use of Easipoint specialist mortars to create neat and long lasting joints for natural stone or man-made slabs. This product has been used in many public sector projects and makes any installation high performance and low maintenance.

Contact Stephen on Kendal (01539) 739055 or Anthony on Kirkby Lonsdale (015242) 73696