Septic Tanks

This old septic tank, as you can see has now become a bit of hazard. The old tank under the concrete flags was cleaned out and then filled in. The new tank was sited next to it, further up the drain run.

Our clients had arranged a holiday and asked if we could carry out the work while they were away.  That was perfect for us as the drains would no longer be in use, as there was no one at home and they would be enjoying their holiday.

The date was arranged and all the materials and tank were delivered to site prior to the work commencing, there is nothing worse than an open sewer line and then you have to go and source materials.

Stripping off the top soil soon uncovered bedrock, we hoped we would avoid it but you just don’t know until you start digging (xray specs not yet invented).  A quick hitch up with the pecker (rockbreaker) and we were back in action.  One noisy day later we were ready to put in the tank.  The concrete base went in, followed by lowering the tank in, then we backfilled around the tank with gravel and at the same time filled the tank with water. This equalizes the pressure on the sides of the tank so it doesn’t get pushed one way or the other. The top soil was reinstated and the tank was finished!