SLDC Signs

Working closely with The Knack Design Company Ltd, Wightman Engineering Ltd and SLDC to erect seventeen information signs .  These were erected on the streets of Kendal in December 2009.  They provide information about the particular area you are in with historic photos, facts and figures and how Kendalians went about their daily life, including some famous names (and not so famous) who worked, wrote and loved the area.  There are walks highlighted on a map of Kendal taking you round different routes, all taking in parts of Kendal which you wouldn’t normally see.

Our work was to provide the concrete bases onto which the signs would be fastened. This involved the removal of the paved area, digging the hole, which meant avoiding the many buried services, gas pipes, electric cables, sewer and water pipes. Once the hole was dug it was then filled with concrete. On the return visit after the concrete had set, the signs were then fastened down and the paved area reinstated as before.

With our Street Works Accreditation and being an approved SLDC Minor works contractor we are proud to be involved with this project.

We have both lived in this area all our lives and enjoyed reading some of the things we knew about, and learning about the things we didn’t.  We both hope you get the oppurtunity to visit all the signs, you may even burn off some calories on route!!